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Vera for Anthropologie Sunshine Mega Outdoor Four-In-A-Row Game

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Designed by Vera in collaboration with Anthropologie, this vibrant four-in-a-row game is sure to become a staple for family game nights.

About Vera
American art phenom, textile designer, and entrepreneur, the late Vera Neumann took the '60s art, fashion, and home decor world by storm with her bold color palettes and eye-catching prints. Known simply as Vera and stamped with a signature ladybug, her iconic brand pioneered a cross-licensing empire to make her art affordable and accessible to all. Producing one print each day of her life, Vera created thousands of artworks that have been copyrighted in the Library of Congress and displayed at revered institutions such as the Smithsonian, the Met, and MoMA. Today, we're excited to celebrate Vera's legacy in an exclusive, only-at-Anthro collection that turns some of her timeless designs into wonderfully usable items for your daily life.

-Exclusively for Anthropologie
-Includes one board, 42 pieces, and one carrying bag
-Pine wood, cotton

52cm H, 83cm L, 11cm W